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For a limited time, London small business owners can access our free training on mobile text marketing – mobile coupons – QR codes. Learn the basics of text mobile marketing, plus much MUCH more – the mobile web is here to stay!

UK mobile users are increasingly surfing the web on their smart phones. Start learning now…

Our free video training teaches you to use mobile marketing software on a mobile marketing platform to launch targeted campaigns for bulk SMS marketing and QR code mobile marketing. With text read rates at 90% or better and response rates to mobile coupons and QR codes nearing 20%, the penetration of mobile text marketing is unprecedented. Start learning today – free for small business owners in Great Britain!


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The BBC reports that 50% of London mobile users surf the web on their phones. You need a mobile marketing strategy to tap into this growing trend – we will show you how to select SMS marketing software and an SMS marketing platform, when to use an SMS marketing reseller and all the tips and tricks for integrating mobile coupons and QR codes into your bulk SMS marketing strategy. UK small business owners – get started today for free!


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Did you know that QR codes and mobile text marketing can be used to:
  • Help restaurants promote new menu items and food and drink promotions using mobile coupons
  • Let retailers spread the word about new product lines and sales through bulk SMS marketing messages
  • Promote special events or theme nights with QR code mobile marketing and text mobile marketing promo


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If you are a small business owner in Great Britain, all you need to get started is mobile marketing software and a mobile marketing platform – for text mobile marketing, you’ll also need SMS marketing software and a SMS marketing platform – or hire a SMS marketing reseller to do it all for you!

How Can I Increase Business Using Text Mobile Marketing?

The mobile web has quadrupled over just the last two years and is showing no sign of slowing! From mobile websites and apps to QR code mobile marketing and text campaigns, businesses all over the UK are using these tools by:

  • Restaurants broadcast bulk SMS marketing messages on slow nights to instantly fill tables
  • Retail establishments send out mobile coupons to move seasonal merchandise they don’t want to store or take a loss on
  •  Salons and spas use text mobile marketing to remind clients of appointments or let them know they are due for a service


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Our free mobile text marketing course for London and greater UK small business owners will teach you:

  • The best and lowest cost mobile marketing software for your small business
  • The simplest mobile marketing platform for your mobile marketing strategy
  • The easiest SMS marketing software for you to learn to use
  • The most affordable SMS marketing platform for your needs
  • When to do it yourself and when to use an SMS marketing reseller

Designed just for UK and greater London small business owners, our text message mobile marketing strategies will have you on your way to increased revenues and increased visibility throughout Great Britain! Start today – totally free course for small business owners in Great Britain!

“I was ready to promote my business using mobile text marketing, but wasn’t sure where to start. There were so many options to choose from – I was confused about which mobile marketing software and mobile marketing platform would be best for my chiropractic practice. I knew I needed SMS marketing software and an SMS marketing platform. Then I found your London bulk SMS marketing training and learned so much – I was able to relax and think clearly – - I decided to hire a SMS marketing reseller and let them do all the work – thanks for the free info!”
Jesse – Cardiff
“My real estate practice has been slow lately – buying and selling are both down – people seem to be staying put – I needed a way to beat my competitors to the available business. After watching your training videos, I saw that QR code mobile marketing was the way to go – I was able to download free mobile marketing software and a low cost mobile marketing platform and then I was all set. Now I put QR codes on my yard signs and on leaflets that mobile users can scan to get info about the properties and schedule a viewing with me on the spot – it’s instant gratification for busy consumers and it’s upped my closing conversion by 18%. Cheers!”
Meg – Ealing

Great Britain small business owners started today for free! Learn how QR code mobile marketing and text marketing can benefit you and how easy it is to get started! With free or no cost SMS marketing software and an SMS marketing platform or an SMS marketing reseller, you can launch a text marketing campaign to drive instant business anywhere in the UK. Start now for absolutely free!


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