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If you run a business in the United Kingdom you must have this free SMS marketing training that covers bulk SMS Marketing, SMS software and the best strategies to launch your campaign quickly and efficiently!

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Our free UK course on SMS text marketing will show you how to implement a bulk SMS marketing campaign for your small business in the United Kingdom.

SMS mobile marketing in the UK has unprecedented response rates – learn how you can tap into this growing source of customers, referrals and revenues with your own SMS mobile marketing strategy – learn how today!



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Consumers are constantly in motion – mobile web searching is up 400% and climbing! SMS marketing is one of the most effective methods to interact with your customers in a meaningful way that drives loyalty and revenues. Our free training will show you how SMS marketing companies are developing SMS text marketing campaigns that increase sales, drive repeat business and referrals. Learn all this and more today for absolutely free!

In the UK, 95% of texts are read within 15 minutes of receipt and response rates run at 22% or higher. UK smart phone users are rabid for SMS text marketing offers from their favorite restaurants, services providers and retail establishments.


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It’s incredibly simple to launch an effective bulk SMS marketing campaign to bring in business! With a low-cost SMS marketing platform, free SMS marketing software and an SMS gateway and a few tips on SMS text marketing from our free training you can implement programs like:

  • Retail shops offer discounts on inventory items they need to move fast – a percent off or B1G1 offer with a short expiration window can drive a 25% or higher redemption rate
  • Golf courses with greens times to fill send out last minute specials to turn down time into profits
  • Butchers send out offers to move meat items they know will be expiring in a day or two – it’s a win-win for customers and shop owners

Nearly 60% of United Kingdom consumers say they want mobile coupons making SMS mobile marketing a promotional tool for every business. If you are a business owner considering trying SMS marketing, UK mobile users are eager to hear from you.

Mobile Marketing Seems Like a Bother – Is It Worth the Trouble?

First, it’s much less of a bother than watching your revenues stagnate or suffer. Second, it’s much easier than you can imagine. From little mom and pop shops to major retailers, everyone is taking advantage of this low cost, high ROI marketing method.


SMS Gateway for UK Mobile Marketing


Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Watch our free training on SMS marketing
  • Use our tips to come up with a couple of bulk SMS marketing ideas for your business
  • Select (with our excellent advice) a low-cost SMS gateway
  • Download one of the free SMS marketing software programs we recommend
  • Select from our recommendations for a SMS marketing platform
  • Start your first campaign of SMS marketing – UK consumers will respond – guaranteed!

If you are uncertain about the more technical aspects such as choosing an SMS gateway or an SMS marketing platform, our free training on SMS marketing (UK specific program) can advise you on how to find UK SMS marketing companies to help you.


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It’s a lower cost to perform it on your own, but SMS marketing companies can take total responsibility for your campaign, leaving you free to concentrate on your United Kingdom business. Whether you choose to try it yourself or consider one of our recommended SMS marketing companies, United Kingdom consumers are eager for offers from you – don’t wait any longer! Get started with our free videos now!

 “My dry cleaners has seen a drop in business now that the economy’s in the bin – - I wasn’t sure what to do and then I came across your films on SMS marketing. I saw straight off how SMS mobile marketing could work for me. I chatted up a couple of SMS marketing companies but then decided to try it on my own. I bought some intro-level SMS marketing software, signed up for an SMS gateway, got an SMS marketing platform and then launched my first bulk SMS marketing campaign – I sent out to customers that haven’t been by in a bit and offered them a mobile coupon. It brought them back in droves – thank you!”
Jerry – West End
“I manage a bakery just outside of London and have found business slow lately. Business is slow all over the United Kingdom, but I wasn’t ready to wait out the recession. Your videos on SMS marketing showed me a different way to go. It was easier than I expected to get into SMS mobile marketing – - I learned all I needed to know from your training – how to choose an SMS marketing platform, what an SMS gateway was for, where I could find SMS marketing software downloads and all about SMS marketing. UK businesses need to watch your training! I did and my business will never be the same!”
Debby – Hampstead

Most UK consumers are high-tech and prefer the convenience and direct contact of SMS text marketing. SMS mobile marketing is a proven method to generate repeat business and referrals from your customers. Bulk SMS marketing is affordable and drives results 10x higher than news adverts! Watch our free SMS marketing training videos today to launch your own program of SMS marketing – UK consumers want to hear from you on their mobiles!


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